After what seemed like forever... and flew by at the same time... we are finally in our new home!!

The quick back story... my wife is a realtor, and she was selling a home to a friend of ours... She took him to a Meritage Homes community in Winter Garden named Watermark. He was sold pretty quick and started the process of having his house built.

One weekend my wife and I were in Tampa, and on our way back we had to stop at the sales office to meet with our friend so they could go over some of the details of his purchase... Almost as soon as we turned into the neighborhood I was in love... but if you guys listen to the show, you know I was in absolute love with my old house... so I didn't really put too much thought into selling it... we went inside and met with my wife's client and Troy from Meritage... and after about 10 minutes I knew I wanted to move to Watermark... and I wanted all of the cool stuff Troy was telling our friends about...

On the way home I asked my wife what she thought of Watermark... and at about the same time we both said "You know we could sell our house and buy there..."

We went back and dropped off a deposit the next day... and every part of the process has been so awesome... Troy in the sales office was great, our builder Lee has been so great... the design center was a lot of fun (more for my wife than myself... I was just a long for the ride on that one...) and the features and quality of my home... seriously amazing...

I don't just make stuff up to say on the radio... the truth is when I bought my house, I wasn't doing commercials for Meritage... I chose them because the community was perfect and the technology they use to build the houses just blew me away... it wasn't until after my home was almost done that they were named The Best Home Builder for 2016... but I can totally see why... there is not an inch of my new home that I don't absolutely love!

My wife is in full Home Decor Mode so I can't let you see the inside yet... but check out the pics from my build from the ground up... and CLICK HERE to see what Meritage Homes can do to get you into your dream home.