We all like to THINK we've matured since high school... but we haven't... And before you complain about how teenagers act maybe you should check this out...  A new survey found the top 10 ways we still act like teenagers... For the record... I do at least 8 of them... 

Check 'em out...

1.  Sulking and pouting, mostly to get attention and sympathy.

2.  Texting all the time.

3.  Leaving dirty clothes on the floor.

4.  Intentionally saying things to push other people's buttons.

5.  Spending lots of time sleeping.

6.  Eating all of the food in the fridge.

7.  Talking about how unfair life is.

8.  Slamming doors.

9.  Obsessing about what we look like.

10.  Asking for money all the time... only now you're asking your significant other instead of your parents.  Or maybe your parents too.