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Why Is THAT On Your Desk??

Posted April 29th, 2014 @ 12:31pm

So I admit I am not the neatest person I know... creative people usually aren't... But I don't think I am exactly messy... I keep things... and I usually have a reason for the things I keep around...

So my desk is not organized by definition... but it's  not nasty either... when people see it, they usually notice I have a lot of random stuff on it... and they usually wonder why it's all there... So I decided to take some photos of the randomness that is my desk... and in the captions I will briefly explain why I have each thing on my desk...

Now when anyone comes to my desk they can just check the "Brian's Desk Answer Key" and know why each thing is there...

Click Here for the World of Randomness that is my desk... Have fun!

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