A couple of tips for a better work place "vibe."


1. Reduce your EMFS.  EMFS are Electromagnetic Frequencies and they DO effect your body. EMFS lower melatonin, a hormone that controls your mood and ability to sleep.  Think about this... is your computer tower just under your desk, right by your leg?  This is TOO CLOSE.  Do what you can to move all electronics away from you.


2.   Don't sit in the LINE OF FIRE.  Do you face directly out of your office door?  Change that if you can... The energy from the office is coming right at you. If you can sit off center or with your back to a wall, this is best. If not... put something like a picture by your screen so that it gets most of your attention.  You can also hang a mirror by the doorway so you actually see what is behind you... and not directly out the door.


Hey... you never know. Try these tips.  They just may work.