Water with Lemon... it is more common than plain ole water it seems.  And for many, they believe it tastes better too.  There are also some great side effects and not so yummy treats.

First, the good.

It revs up your metabolism!  But you have to put a lot in...think, 1/2 a full lemon.  In fact, for a daily detox/ great way to kick start your metabolism try this drink each morning.  Take a tall glass of lukewarm water, add half or whole (wow) lemon juice, and drink it first thing.

Second, the bad.

You know those lemon wedges you put in your drink are a wee bit gross, right?  Germs.  We can't escape them.  If you would like to know how germy they are, read THIS ARTICLE: CLICK HERE.  But I'll skip over the crappy details and just tell you how you can avoid some of these germs.  DO NOT put the lemon wedge in your drink. Squeeze the juice out and set the rind aside.  It'll help.

But as long as we're on the subject of germy things at restaurants just take a peak at the ketchup, salt & pepper shakers, table top, chairs, ...well, you get the idea.