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Fat Shaming or Inspiration?

Fat Shaming or Inspiration?
Posted October 15th, 2013 @ 2:21pm

This photo is ALL OVER my FB feed today...

What do you think of it?  Some of the things I've heard or read:

She must have a nanny...

It's awesome...

Fat Shaming...

Making other Mom's jealous...

Good for her...

This one photo has been one of the most "commented" on photos I have ever posted.  Why so much passion?

Well, here is my take. 

My first word is B*TCH  (because I am jealous).  She looks AMAZING!

My second word is LUCKY!  Because she finds the time to devote to herself.  Bravo!  Whether it is a nanny, a chef, a Grandmom, a devoted hubby, Day Care, or just herself... she finds the time to make herself a priority.  Something all us Mommy's should do (but rarely achieve.)

And then the "FB comment claws" come out... you see other people comment about, I'd rather spend that time with my kids.  I make my kids the priority not myself, etc... Listen, no one can walk in your shoes...or my shoes.

Whether you are a stay at home Mom or you work all day... what you decide to do with your time is up to you.  I would love to find the time to do it all.  Work, work out, spend quality time with kids, hubby, friends, and the ever elusive sleep.  I chose to handle what I can, when I can. I can get to the gym once or twice a week... but not he amount of time it would take to look like that. Again...Wow, Maria!

So, when I look at this photo I won't see the "WHAT'S YOUR EXCUSE?" title... but I will see "YOU CAN DO IT!"... one day.  Maybe even today.

Curious as to what Maria Kang (the Mom in the photo) has to say?  READ HERE

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