Allergies are no fun... and it's worse than ever this year.  Here are some foods to add to your diet STAT to help make the lessen the effects of your Allergies.

Red Grapes, Onions, Blueberries, Kale:  have antioxidants that help keep histamines low. Look up "quercetin," That antioxidant is your new BFF!

Red Bell pepper: helps reduce sneezing through Vitamin C

Tuna, Salmon: Omega 3 help reduce swelling in nasal passages

Green tea: More antioxidants that help with histamine release (or the blocking of)

Carrots: Carotenoids hold off hay fever

Rosemary & Sage: Start cooking with these, A lot. They have a compound called rosmarinic acid which relieves itchy eyes.


And all these foods are part of a healthy diet too. BONUS!