Our brains are programmed to remember and react to the bad and negative in the world.  Sadly, it pushes the good stuff aside.  Here is how you can train your brain to remember and embrace the good in day to day life.


HAVE: Have a good experience and note all the good with it.

ENRICH:  Enrich this experience by thinking about it for 10 to 15 seconds.

ABSORB: Absorb it by visualizing your feelings actually coming into your heart and mind.  Like a feel good movie in your mind.

LINK:  Link this experience to something negative.  Had a bad meeting, link your yummy lunch to it in your mind. Let the new happy feelings blanket the old negative ones.


Sounds a little hokey... but if it works, I'm in. We are all too hard on ourselves.  We skip right past the good and stress about the bad.  Happy HEALing.