For YEARS I have been a terrible sleeper.  I could never get to sleep.  It was like my brain lost the ability to "turn off" at night.  

At first, I turned to sleep drugs... and they worked.  In fact, they worked a little too well.  I looked up one day and realized that I had been taking them for 6 months.  Yikes!

Then, after being diagnosed with some stress related illnesses, my Dr. asked me about my sleep patterns.  After hearing my struggles she mentioned something to me that I had heard a dozen times before... but for some reason I finally decided to try MELATONIN.

LIFE CHANGER!  For me... to be able to take a VERY small amount of a natural hormone that my body was already producing (under producing) and actually falling asleep, AMAZING!

And... as my stress levels come down, I exercise more, and treat my body better... I am taking less and less of it.

Stress and sleep feed into each other creating a viscious cycle.  I finally feel like I have broken this cycle for me.

If you are having trouble sleeping... ask your Dr about melatonin. For me, it worls.

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