While the rumors are everywhere, a few facts are starting to trickle out about the new iPhone 6.  GET READY FOR A MAJOR REDESIGN!

CLICK HERE to see a report on some of the phones interior components that show signs of a new redesign.  Being called a PHABLET (fun to say, part phone part tablet), it looks like it will be available in 2 sizes. Also... starting with the traditional colors of silver, gold, and space gray.


The unconfirmed release date is September 19th.


Now comes a new report today (TIME.com) that Apple is quietly selling off older model iPhones on Ebay!  Clearing space for the new phones... and creating more demand for the iPhone 6 when it hits the street.  CLICK HERE for more on that!

So... are you ready for something new?

Will you snap up the soon to be much cheaper iPhone 5 or go straight for the new iPhone6?