Some days I am so stressed out.  Other times...I've been so stress out for days... that I can't tell if its really stress or full blown anxiety.  Stress is temporary and I can handle that on my own.  Anxiety is a different beast and may need help.  Here is how you tell the difference...


...ebbs and flows. connected to a specific trigger. Work, bills, people, traffic, etc

...once the trigger is gone, the stress and the reaction to it go away quickly.



...feels like stress but isn't cause by a trigger. It just shows up.

...have that "stressed" feeling over days... or more days than not.

...wake up "stressed" before anything can create that feeling.


If you feel like this "stress" or the "stressed out feeling" is interfering with your day at any point, its always best to talk with a professional (Psychologist, Psychiatrist.)  It's always better to know what is really going on rather than fight it every day without the proper weapons.