There are a few things that really make me crazy... throwing out food is one of them.  Here are a few tips to getting a few more days and even weeks out of some of kitchen staples.

1.  Eggs:  Don't worry about the SELL BY date.  Eggs keep fresh much longer.  Put them in the fridge to keep for 4-5 weeks.  Not sure how long they've been in there?  float an egg in a bowl of water.  If it sinks... fresh.  If it floats, toss it out.

2.  Apples:  Keep them up to three weeks longer by putting them in a plastic bag poked with a few holes. Then... keep that bag in the fridge. Yummy crisp apples for weeks.

3.  Bread:  Bread can stay fresh for two weeks after the USE BY date by staying in the fridge.

4.  Deli/ Sandwich meat:  As long as they are unopened, they can last up to two weeks past the SELL BY date.  But if its been open... best to stay with the expiration date.


Hope that helps!