When you think of all of the shoes, bags, shirts, skirts, blouses, boots, sunglasses, dresses, and sweaters... how many items do you think you have in your closet?  For me, honestly... a couple of hundred.


But in a new article that I read in O (Oprah) suggests that we really only need 33 items.  33!  Such a smaaaaaaal number.  But think about this. We only wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time.  And one woman set out to see what the "happy" number of items should be. She blogged about it here: Blog 333

And while I could NEVER do it with 33... it does inspire me to get it down to a manageable amount.  I swear I haven't worn one of my "favorite" shirts in over 3 years.  And if its too big... out it goes!  If I need to wear bigger clothes, I should have to go out and buy them.  That might set my diet straight.