I went home Friday and I was overwhelmed by all of the responses from my last blog. I had to sit down with my girlfriend and tell her that she will be a part of my more public life now. I wanted to get her blessing before putting our business out there anymore than I already have.

People sometimes don't understand that being in the media isn't just putting my own life out in the open. It puts my loved ones out there too.
Mariela was very understanding when I told her she would be put into the spotlight a little more from now on. In this business you to be with someone who can take it. It's not easy to be so vulnerable and open yourself up to criticism from complete strangers.
You can always delete the comments and try to ignore them but it still makes you mad sometimes. How would you feel if you opened up some personal information to thousands of people? But this is what I signed up for.
Thanks for all the love. I love the positive comments! I read all the comments that you have sent me and I really appreciate it. I feel so honored and blessed that you all had such a great reaction. 
All weekend long I felt naked. Everywhere I went this weekend people showed me love and thanked me for opening up. I never realized how much I was holding back until Laura told me. She was right. I will share more on air and in blogs about my personal life so you can get to know me a little better each day. 
Part 2 coming this Friday . . .
#Blessed lol