Ryan and Rebecca have been married 8 years and have an 11 year old son. He is their only son. Rebecca is a hands on Mom when it comes to their son's school. She volunteers to be a Class Mom and helps out anytime they need her. 

Ryan and Rebecca's son pulled Ryan to the side and told him that he wants Rebecca to stop being a Class Mom. He mentioned that the other kids give him a hard time because his Mom is always there. He asked Ryan to talk to her and see if she could stop this year. Ryan agrees because it's hard enough going to school and to have your Mom always around makes it harder. Rebecca is really upset. She is mad for two reasons.  One, because he didn't come and talk to her personally. Second, because he doesn't want her to come to his class. Rebecca feels that she is the mother and her child shouldn't be able to dictate what she does. Ryan likes the fact that their son is growing into his own and respects that he talked to him about it. He also agrees with his son. No kid wants their mom always hanging around. The last thing he wants is his son being harassed by other kids. Ryan knows how hard it is for a kid today and wants his son to enjoy this time in his young life. Rebecca feels that she is never in the way and teachers need to know that her son has an involved parent.
Side with Ryan and Rebecca won't be a Class Mom this year
Side with Rebecca and it will be business as usual 

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