I don't like to Blog everyday because I don't have anything to say everyday. When it touches me, I will take the time and put my thoughts in a Blog. Today is the day I'm going to do it.

I want to take this moment and say, Thank You! I feel that sometimes people just forget to say it. I have been blessed to do this for a while. Every time I leave my home, someone is always giving me love. Love in the form of telling me they appreciate what we do on the air. Love in the form of shaking my hand or giving me a hug. I am humbled every time some does that. After all these years on the air, I never get tired of saying Thank YOU. It can be overwhelming at times when I find myself talking to a group of people that just gathered to say hello or take a photo. I never say no to those request.
So for everyone that listen to Johnny's House Morning Show everyday, I want to say Thank You! You are the reason I wake up at 2:50 AM five days a week. You are the reason each year I give back vacation days. You are the reason I have only taken 4 sick days in 20 plus years. It's the drive to bring to you the best that we have day after day, month after month and year after year. Through all the ups and downs you have been there. You never left when changes have occurred.

You been there for us and I will be here for you. 
Thank you is all I can say : )
Johnny Magic