Before I die, I want to preach a sermon.

The bible verse I live by is "No weapon formed against me shall prosper" - Isaiah 54:17

I don't get attached to material things so I have no prized possessions. I am not motivated by money.

I am a giver. It makes me happy to give to others and see their joy.

I need to work on becoming a better receiver. I make my girlfriend return gifts she purchases for me.  I know I need to change that.

I became so involved in charitable work because of how I was raised. Growing up with humble beginnings we always had everything we needed but I personally knew other kids who were less fortunate and didn’t have much at all. So I always told myself if I was ever in a position to help others, I would.

My greatest accomplishment is my job and that it has been so successful.

The hardest thing I have done was leave Charlotte for the first time 24 years ago.

My life goal is to save enough money that I don't have to worry, retire from radio when I'd like to and settle down and marry the woman I love. (Mariela)

If I had to describe Mariela in one word it would be “Beautiful”.

I gave up on the idea of marriage many times before. I never thought I was the type to get married and I was content with that.  That has changed for me.

I don’t have any ‘celebrity crushes’ anymore.  Once you meet celebrities in person you know why. lol

I have dated someone famous but I wont share the name. That would be tacky.

My Professional role model is Elvis Duran. My personal role model is My Father, he is the most amazing man I have ever met in my life.

The last time I was nervous was when I was in New York a few weeks ago, right before going on Elvis Durans show.

The craziest thing a fan has ever done is when a listener showed up to my front door!

My first memory of being excited was when my parents were bringing home McDonalds.

I became an ‘adult’ when I was around 23 years old.

The first thing I bought with my own money was a pair of converse.

The most embarrassing thing I have done while completely drunk was on a cruise. I yelled at all of my friends. I apologized the next day.


(Photo Credit: Johnny Magic)