Photo Credit: Getty Images

America's beloved "Tonight Show" host Johnny Carson may soon become infamous for his work in the bedroom. With multiple sources reporting that his sex-tape is currently being shopped around, it seems like Mr. Carson may have been doing more after hours than just hosting a TV show.

NY Daily News reported,

"The raunchy video reveals the talk show host was blessed with more than just a big sense of humor, according to the gossip site’s sources."


"It’s unclear which of Carson’s four wives is in the video, which was filmed in the 1970s..."

"The video starts with five minutes of Carson and his wife — with a bouffant hairdo — lounging in the nude by a pool. It then cuts to the bedroom, where for 20 minutes Carnac the Magnificent and his wife deliver a performance way too hot for TV."

The alleged video is from the 1970s and Johnny Carson passed away in 2005... this just goes to say that dead or alive, the past isn't likely to stay in the past.
Do you have any adult movies or photos floating around someone? Are you worried that it's just a matter of time before they resurface?