Each week we showcase an email from a listener that is extra 'heated'.  Here's this week's email from Justin:


"I'm sorry, but I'm really upset that the Fruitland Park Deputy Chief and an Officer was made to resigned their job. The file stated they had connections with the KKK. It isn't against the law to have connection with the KKK. As long as it didn't interfere with their jobs, what is the problem. It seems that it didn't. This wasn't even a problem until the police chief found about it. I'm sure there are officers out there have friends or relative breaking the law everyday but they aren't forced to resign. Everyone listening now has a relative or friend that is racist. Should you lose your job because they feel the way they do. Just because you have an "association" with something doesn't mean you feel the same way they do. I have "association" with homosexuals but that doesn't mean I feel or think the way they do. It's 2014 and we should stop penalizing people for things we don't feel the masses won't like.

This is America so let us be American. Our country wasn't founded on the government making people do and think the way they want us to. We are slowing turning into Russia. We were are really the Home of the Free, Land of the Brave then let us be free and brave."