Every week we share some of our 'best' emails from listeners.  It's getting so popular now that people write in to us knowing we're going to use their email.  Here is this week's 'interesting' email:

"Dear Johnny's House, I know I'm going to be on are you serious when I wrote this and I'm cool. 

I've been following the Ray Rice situation. He was suspended from the NFL for 2 games for hitting his girlfriend. First, I want to say that any man that puts his hands on a woman isn't a man. The problem is women need to stop hitting men. Ray Rice's girlfriend (now wife) hit him first and in return he hit her. Everybody needs to stop hitting each other. Ladies, if you get mad and hit your boyfriend or husband, you can't get mad when he hits you back. You shouldn't be surprised that his first reaction is to hit the person that hit him. In some cases, that's what happened. I am in no way saying a man should EVER put his hands on any woman for any reason. I'm just saying that if he hits you because you hit him first, you shouldn't be surprised and he shouldn't be penalized from his job for reacting.   

I know a lot of people won't agree with me and think I'm saying it's OK to hit  women. I'm not saying that. Just keep your hands to yourself.

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)