Here is this week's 'most interesting' email to our inbox!

"Dear Johnny's House, thanks for reading my email.  I will be more than happy to go on the air with you. 

I want people to stop doing the ALS Challenge. At this point it's useless. Now, all people are doing is looking for a reason to show off their bodies by throwing cold water on themselves. I see women in bikinis throwing water on themselves and calling out other women in bikinis to do the same. I see guys with no shirts on throwing water on themselves and doing it in slow motion. Come on, are you serious? Half of these people don't even know what ALS is. You know they didn't donate any money. This isn't a nation wide show your wet body contest. It's to help raise money and bring awareness. If you have a video on Facebook and you didn't send money to ALS or even know what it is, TAKE YOUR VIDEO DOWN. There are tons of wet body contests you can enter.

If you posted a video and you haven't helped the Cause, I think you are the lowest of all humans. Taking advantage of a charity organization just to show off your bodies. You should be ashamed of yourself and you will probably rot in Hell. You just don't know it yet. ;)


Thank you for your time


(Photo Credit: Getty Images)