Here is some of the listener email we got:

"I heard you guys talk on the air about single's apps and how guys are sending out "full frontal" photos to women. This is the way people date now. Some of you just don't get it. Either youre too old or a prude. Today's daters want all the information immediately. Why waste time over coffee, drinks, lunch or dinner? We want to know if there isn't a physical attraction. Why waste your time? I meet women all the time and they feel the same way. I'll show you mine if you show me yours. By doing this, we have a sense of trust. If she likes what she sees and I like what I see now we can go past the physical and see if we have anything else in common. We're all animals and we're just taking it back to our primitive nature. This is the way it should be. Everyone on equal playing fields. Women today are proud of their bodies. They work hard and they aren't afraid to show it. Come on, it's just nudity and human sexuality. I want to meet someone that is free to do what comes naturally. I like the way you look, you like the way I look, let's hook up and see if we can find that chemistry and connection that everyone is looking for. If we do, great let pursue this. If not we had fun."