Woman lit by smart phone looking surprised.

I listen to your show everyday and for the most part, you're funny. Every now and then, you say something that drives me up the wall. The last couple of day I have been screaming at my radio because of what's going on with Laura. She wants to have chickens in her backyard. NOOOOOOOO!!!! Let me tell you what happened to my neighborhood. Someone thought it would be cute to have two baby chicken and didn't know that one was a rooster. They couldn't keep up. Two chickens quickly became 10. They out grew the backyard and started to look for other places to live. Now my neighborhood is overrun by chickens. 6am every morning they are making noise. No one in our neighborhood can sleep. We look for them later in the day and they are no where to be found. Now the chickens just walk around the neighborhood like they're dogs.  This needs to stop now.

People should only be able to keep dogs or cats in their backyards. If you don't live on a farm, why in the world would you want a chicken. Are you using it as a food source then I understand. The is no such thing as a "Pet Chicken".  You can't get them to come when you call unless you have food to give. Rich Americans think you can own and make pets out of anything. Chicken, pigs and goats are not pets. They are food. If you're not raising them to eat them, then you can't keep them in the backyard.