A lot happens on a "Girls Night Out"... check out the list and add up your points... Post your point total below!


At some point in the evening someone will cry - 5 POINTS

Girls will jam into toilet cubicles - 5 POINTS

Bathroom selfies will be taken - 5 POINTS

Drunk texts will be sent - 5 POINTS

Someone will drunk call their ex -5 POINTS

Someone will say they're single when they're not - 5 POINTS

There will be a dance off - 10 POINTS

Someone's boob will fall out - 25 POINTS

There will be creepers to fight off - 5 POINTS

There will be emotional drunk confessions - 5 POINTS

Make-up will be re-applied in a drunken manner - POINTS

Best friends will have a temporary scuffle - 10 POINTS

One girl will get lost and it will cause panic - 10 POINTS

There will be an attempt to do all the moves to Single Ladies - 20 POINTS

Someone will stripper-dance on a lamp post/innocent by-stander - 20 POINTS

Someone will scream DON’T PUT THAT ON FACEBOOK- 10 POINTS

Someone will lose their phone - 10 POINTS

All the girls will squeal in unison - 5 POINTS

One or more of the girls will take the WALK OF SHAME the next day - 25 POINTS


What's your total???