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Tina and Chase have been dating for about a year. They are both about to graduate in May.  Tina is from Seattle, Washington and hasn't been home in about a year. Her parents pay all of her bills. They Skype once a week but haven't seen each other in person in over a year. As far as the family is concerned- she is just in a casual relationship.


Tina is about 4 months pregnant and her parents don't know. Chase is a responsible young man but they have no plans of getting married. Her parents have no idea that she is pregnant. When she Skypes its always a close-up face shot. She hasn't been putting any photos on Facebook or Instagram. She never really talks about her relationship with Chase, just that she has a boyfriend and she is happy. 

Her whole family is planning on coming to Florida for her graduation in May. Her mother, father, two brothers and sister are coming. Chase thinks she should tell her that she is pregnant before she gets here. Tina feels she should wait because they will freak out and worry too much. They would want answers that she isn't prepared to give yet. Her plan is to put it off until she walks off the stage at graduation and they see that she is pregnant.  Chase feels that it would make him look bad because he will be the baby's father. He wants to be there by her side and do it together. Tina knows her family and they aren't going to like him because she is pregnant and not married. If they do it at the graduation then everyone will be happy because she is graduating.  Chase is graduating the same day and they can meet him too. Tina feels they will see that the pregnancy didn't stop her studies or his.  To tell them now would have them flying here to see what's up and this would stress her more before finals. Plus her parents still pay the bill and she doesn't want anything to affect that.


Side with Tina and she won't tell her parents she pregnant until the graduation.

Side with Chase and they will tell them ASAP.