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Pam and Karen just found out on Facebook that they are both seeing Mark. Pam, who lives in Atlanta, found out about Karen, who lives in Orlando, from a strange post that was left on his Facebook. He lives in Orlando but his company flies him to Atlanta at least once a week and for the weekend at least once a month-- that's how he's been able to pull off dating these two women. Now that they know about each other a lot of things he's said makes sense.


Mark has no idea that Pam and Karen know about each other.
This has been going on for about a year and he has mentioned marriage to both of them.

Pam wants to call Mark, tell him he is a jerk and send him on his way. She believes in the law of Karma and Mark will get his one day.Karen want to hurt him the way he hurt them and feels that Karma should strike next weekend.

Pam was invited to a formal event that Mark's company is having next weekend in Atlanta & they'll be sitting at the same table as all the company big wigs. Mark asked her to bring her hot single roommate that one of the V.P.'s has the hots for. Karen wants Pam to give her the ticket. She thinks that if he used the company to cheat on them then the company should know. The President is a religious, family man who wouldn't put up with cheating- chances are he'd lose his job or at least lose favor in the eyes of the company executives. 


If you side with Pam then the ladies will let Mark know that they know and walk away

If you side with Karen, next weekend, she will show up at the big company event as Pam's guest