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Terri is a single mom. Her youngest daughter has just moved out of the house 6 months ago. She just started dating a guy after being single for 15 years. She wanted to wait until her youngest child was out of the house, and the kids are happy that she is seeing someone.
Terri's new boyfriend wants to take her away to Clearwater for Mother's Day weekend. This will be her first time ever away from her children. Mark is the oldest son and he has two kids. They have a family tradition to have brunch with her on Mother's Day. They have been doing this for as long as he can remember. It wasn't always a fancy place but the last couple have been. Terri wants to go to Clearwater with her boyfriend and enjoy the weather and the beach. The kids feels that she can do this anytime, but this weekend is for them to appreciate her for being their mother. They already have a reservation for 10 to have brunch at 11am on Sunday. Mark and the rest of the kids want her to stay in town and participate in the plans they already have, and all of the grand kids are looking forward to seeing their "Me Maw." Terri feels like she has put in her time raising her kids. They are now grown and doing well in life. She feels like now is her time to live and she wants to start this weekend.
Side with Terri and she will continue with weekend plans
Side with Mark and she will stay and continue with the plans