Terry and Brad are brothers.  Brad is a drag queen and is here in Orlando for gay days.

Terry has told Brad that he can't get ready for his performance at his house. It takes Brad 4 hours to transform into Katy Perry.  Terry thinks it may confuse his boys to see their beloved Uncle turn into a woman. They have no idea that Brad is gay and don't really care. Brad doesn't feel that he should hide who he is from the kids. They should grow up knowing that their Uncle loves them and performing is his job. Terry feels that they are too young to have the talk explaining their Uncle. He knows one day the conversation will happen but not now. Brad is upset because he feels that his brother is ashamed of him. Brad wants to sit the boy down and explain to them himself. He wants to talk to them now before other kids poison them with prejudices. Plus, it will be hard for him to get prepared for his performance at the club.  This is the first time the brothers have had this kind of disagreement and they are both standing firm on their own decision.




Side with Brad and he will get dressed at Terry's House and possibly have a conversation with the twin boys.


Side with Terry and Brad will have to prepare somewhere else.
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