Brandon doesn't like the fact that his wife is spending so much time with her co worker. He also doesn't like that Michelle's clothing, hair, physical appearance and diet has changed because of this woman.

Brandon thinks that Michelle should take a step back and look at what's happening. He wants her to stop hanging with this woman so much and notice the influence she has over her. Michelle never really had a best friend and she is loving the friendship. Before, she never really had any close friends. Now, she has the friendship she has always wanted. They are like sisters. Michelle would work everyday and then just come home to Brandon and the next day do it all over again.

She now feels that she has a life. She only hangs out with her once a week or every other week. Brandon has no problem with the friendship because he trusts his wife. He just wants her to be more like herself and not a copy of this new friends. Brandon doesn't feel it is a healthy friendship. 

Michelle wants to go to the beach Saturday with her new friend for a girl's weekend. Brandon is driving to Atlanta tonight to see his Father for Father's Day. Michelle can't go because she has to work until 1 on Saturday. So she will just go to the beach overnight. Brandon doesn't feel comfortable about this. Michelle has never done anything like this before and he will be out of town just in case something happens. He wouldn't have a problem if he was in town.
Side with Michelle and she will go to the beach with her new BFF Saturday night.
Side with Brandon and she won't go.

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