Jenny and Daniel only have a daughter. She just graduated from High School. For graduation, they bought her a car. She is going to college at University of Miami in the Fall. 


Jenny and Daniel's daughter wants to drive her new car to college when she leaves in the Fall. Jenny feels that this a a good idea but Daniel doesn't think so. Daniel thinks that this is her freshman year and she should focus on school. Maybe her Jr. year she could take it to school. He wants to drive her to college and pick her up during the breaks. Daniel thinks a car could be a distraction. Jenny thinks she should be able to drive her car. She thought this was one of the reasons they bought her a car. Jenny thinks their daughter is responsible and can handle having a car on campus. Daniel doesn't want to worry every time their daughter hits the road to go back to school. Their daughter has only had her driver's license for 6 months and this too makes Daniel nervous.


Also, their daughter has a boyfriend at the University of Florida and he doesn't want her sneaking away in her car to see him. Her boyfriend doesn't have a car and he has no way to get around. Daniel is more worried about that than her driving to Miami.



If you side with Daniel, their daughter won't drive her car to college.
If you side with Jenny, their daughter will get to take her car to college in the Fall.
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