Will and Karen have been married for about a year and things have been going great. Karen gets along great with Will's family. They treat her like a daughter. Before meeting and marrying Karen, he had one girlfriend his whole life. They broke up a year before he met Karen, but Will had known the girl since Middle School.


Will never really talks about the girl. Karen found out her name and found her on Facebook.  On Facebook, photos are recent of the ex with Will's family. Even one as early as last week of the Ex kissing Will's mom. Will had no idea that they were staying in contact. His parents or family members never mentioned it. They have known her since she was a teenager. Will has never looked at any of her social media because he just didn't care what she was up to.  He loves Karen and that is that. The Ex hasn't tried to reach out to Will since the break up. 
Now that Karen knows that the Ex is hanging with Will's family, she wants it to stop. She is angry that the family never mentioned it to him. She is the wife now and the Ex needs to move on. She is hurt by the whole situation. Will feels that this is his family's business. It has nothing to do with him. He thinks that he will be out of line to ask his parent to stop being friends with someone even if it is his Ex. Karen feels like it a respect thing. She thinks that the EX put those photos up on her Facebook hoping that they would see it. She is successful and still single according to her Facebook. Will feels like this isn't a big thing and they should go on with their happy life. Karen doesn't feel that she is wrong in how she is feeling.

Side with Karen and Will has to talk to his parents about the Ex.

Side with Will and they will let her go.