Andrew has an opportunity for a job in New York. This job will pay him 3 times his current salary. It's what he is doing now, but in NYC. Andrew has a good job but it would take him years to get the type of money this new company is offering.

To get the job, Andrew has to fly to NYC and interview in their NY office. He would have to take at least two days off of his current job to do the interview. This job isn't 100% his. He is one of 5 finalists for the one position. He has a feeling that they like him better than the other applicants. Andrew would just fake being sick so that he can take two sick days to go to NY. Renee feels like this is a bad idea. If his current company finds out about him not being sick and then going to NY for another job, they would fire him on the spot. She feels that if this company likes him so much then they could fly here or have a Skype interview. Renee doesn't want him to risk his current job on the hopes of a job that he may not get. She feels that he has a great job that really shows him appreciation and gives him regular raises.  Renee doesn't feel that it's worth the chance. Andrew looks at this as an opportunity of a lifetime. Three times the salary and living in NY would be great!

If you Side with Andrew, then he will be flying to NY for a chance of getting a new job.  

If you Side with Renee, then Andrew will pass on this opportunity and stay at his current job.



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