Brad and Justin have been together for 2 years. Brad recently got custody of the son he has with his ex-wife. The son is 8 years old and his mother has decided she wants to be free again. She is unhappy that Brad is dating another man. One of the rules of custody is that their son has to stay in the same private school that he has attended for years because all of his friends are there.



The new school year always brings along an 'Open House' event that gives parents and students the opportunity to do a meet and greet with the teachers. This year both Brad and Justin will be taking turns picking up Brad's son from school. For the last couple of years Brad and his ex-wife have been attending the Open House together, but this year Justin wants to attend.

Brad does not want Justin to attend because he thinks it may be overwhelming to both the teachers and parents. He feels that his son will be put in a situation filled with tons of questions and he does not want his son to have to go through that.

Brad's son has no problem with the relationship and actually likes Justin a lot. He does not mind Justin coming to his Open House, but Brad feels his son is too young to be making that decision and feels parents will be judgmental.

Justin is upset because he feels Brad is embarrassed of their relationship. In Justin's mind he feels people probably already know about their same sex relationship and are just not saying anything about it. Justin thinks Orlando is such a small city that he is almost positive he will recognize some of the parents from around town. The men have been dating for a couple of years now, but Brad feels the relationship will appear new to the school.




Side with Brad and Justin doesn't attend the Open House


Side with Justin and he will attend.


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