UFC 208: Holm v Randamie

Ashley just found out Monday that her parents are coming to Florida for business and want to stay at her apartment for two weeks. As far as they know, she lives alone and it would be a great time to spend quality time with their daughter who they haven't seen since Thanksgiving last year.

Ashley want Chris to move out for two weeks until her parents are gone. She hasn't lied about her relationship, she just never brought it up. To find out that Ashley has a live in boyfriend would break both of her parent's heart and possible change the financial agreement. Chris is living there rent free but does chip in and buy groceries and things around the house. 

Chris thinks it time for Ashley to tell her parent about him and how serious their relationship is. He hates that for two weeks he has to find different friends to live with and in some cases, sleep on a couch or even the floor. Chris feels like it's wrong to keep their relationship a secret. Ashley wants to break it to them slowly. Her Dad wouldn't be happy knowing that a 25 years old man is living for free with there 21 years old daughter. He would lose all respect for him. Even though it was Ashley's idea for him to move in to save money. To meet her parents this way would just cause problems they don't need right now.


If you side with Chris, Ashley will tell her parent about their relationship

If you side with Ashley, Chris will move out for two weeks until her parent are gone