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Three videos...equally as amazing.  The first, is an acapella version of 'Little Drummer Boy' that will blow your friggin mind! The same group, Pentonix, also did an amazing 'Royals' cover...If only 'Glee' was continuing, I would petition for a guest appearance!


Below is something a listener shared with me, so I'm sharing with you...It has 'Lorde' singing live, so naturally, I think it's incredible. Yes, I realize how awkward Lorde's hands are when she sings live, but I think it adds to her quirk-tastic-ness!

Most have already seen the FSU Acapella group sing Royals and it is also ACA-AMAZING! Lorde even shared the link to the video on her OWN Facebook page!!! Go FSU!  In case you haven't seen it: