Sometimes I think I need to get my head checked after seeing all the personal stuff I share with the world on this blog of mine.

However, it doesn't seem to stop me. ;) 

So, in true TMI fashion, here are a few of my before and after shots from treating my belly and muffin top at Healing Laser Clinics in Lake Mary.  It's a procedure called 'Angelic Lift'

Basically, it's a NON-surgical alternative for body contouring and the cost is much less than surgery. 

The below pictures were taken after only 4 of the 6 treatments and were about a week apart.

As I type this, I still can't believe I'm showing you my 'former' love handles and 'ex' belly pooch...



I should tell you that I dieted and started an exercise regimen, but again, these pictures are only taken a week apart. 

Before the treatments, I had lost 60 pounds on my own (that was how much I gained while pregnant!!! I know, I know) 

That pooch and those love handles though!  I just couldn't seem to lose them on my own...I tried. 

I really do think this procedure helped me get there.



Also, since I'm up with the baby at night and working the morning shift (3am-12pm)...My under eye bags were getting out of control...Angel worked on those too...

This picture is after just ONE treatment...The AFTER was taken from my phone in the parking lot right after so I know it wasn't altered.



There you have it.  I told you I'd post the results and I did. Now I'm going to go back and hide.

Below is a video from the Angelic Lift website of other peoples' results: