The hash tag #yesallwomen started trending on Twitter after the senseless shootings by Elliot Rodger in California.  He felt rejected by beautiful women, so he decided to get revenge. 

#yesallwomen represents that all women, yes, all women, have experienced sexism at some point in their lives. 

Whether it's a cat call while you've walked down the street or a 'joke' about the 'role' of women told to you at work, we've ALL been there.

And as 'insignificant' of a problem as some men love to make it out to be, the reality remains that there are still giant inequalities among the sexes:

-Women still make about 77 cents to the man's $1 in the workplace for the same job.

-A new study shows 'C' students in college who were male make the same as 'A' female students.

-Women make up only 21 of the S&P 500’s CEOs -- just 4%.... I said, just 4% !!!!

And in case you haven't seen this awesome video yet. It's an example of how uncomfortable and confused men are when women reverse the sexism:

And now...this! It even exists beyond the human realm.  Researchers have discovered we have gender biases towards hurricanes too!

Read the article HERE


I suffer through the rampant sexist conversations, innuendos and subtleties thrown out in the workplace all the time, because I have to, but what I can't handle are MEN trying to tell me that sexism is 'not real' or 'brought on by us'.

I can't handle men, many of whom have never actually experienced sexism firsthand, ignoring the existence of a societal disease siphoned into us ALL from birth.

Men and women alike have been so conditioned by sexism that they don't even know when it's happening.  Phrases like 'man up' and 'women are wired differently' are uttered daily without the blink of an eye.  And you know what, I even sometimes say stuff like that myself.  It's a daily struggle to rise above what I've been taught.

All I can do to change is continue to live well, attempt to educate those who will listen and teach my daughter to the best of my ability how to be a good person, not a good woman.  ;)

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