Have you heard about this new app called SkinneePix??

It says that it will take OFF the 10-15 pounds that the 'camera adds' in photos.  

I bought the app for 99 cents thinking, 'well...99 cents is cheaper than a tummy tuck in real life!' 

Plus, I was chatting about it with our interns and Marissa and we were just dying to see if it actually worked...Welp...it doesn't. There. I just saved you $0.99

Problem #1: It only lets you lose weight by 5,10, or 15 lbs...but the 15 lbs is more like 5...

Problem #2: It hardly ever actually works...it says 'facial features not detected' 75% of the time even though the photos I put into it were nothing BUT face!

Problem #3: It only takes pounds off your face! If you have a big body and big face...your face is the only thing that will get thinner! Which is actually kind of hilarious.

Here are my before and after pics...The left is before...The right is supposed to be 15 pounds lighter and I HARDLY notice any difference at all.


Check this selfie out... The before is on the left and the after on the right:


Anyway...there's your evidence.  My opinion...the skineepix app is all hype and has a LOT of bugs to fix before becoming worth it.  

For now, I'll stick to my ol' Instagram favorites...'rise', 'sierra' and 'earlybird' ...giving pale girls tans since 2010!