I am always hearing the debate between dog people and cat people about which pet is the superior species. 

Now I'm hearing about a study showing which pet OWNER is better!  Well, technically, the study only touches on who is SMARTER, but, we all know smarter is always better:

Carroll University researchers surveyed 600 college students and found:

Cat lovers = MORE intelligent, more open-minded, sensitive, and non-conformist than dog lovers

Dog lovers = more outgoing, more inclined to follow rules.

CLICK here for the full article with links to the studies.

"The findings echo a 2010 survey that found dog people to be 15% more extroverted and cat people to be 11% more open (indicating they are less likely to have conventional beliefs)"

So, which are you???

I have a dog, Coraline, who acts just like a cat! What does that make me? :)