Photo Credit: ME

First of all, how cute is this vintage high chair that was refinished by my amazing father in law?

Second of all, WARNING: this is a 'not so glamorous' blog post so if you don't have kids or don't want to hear about baby bowel movements, this read isn't for you. ;)

Anyway, is there such a thing as potty training too soon? I hope not, because I think both baby and I are ready.

I mean, Norah's nanny tells me that there's no reason why she can't be potty trained (at least during the day) by the time she's 15 months or so.  The nanny says her 3 kids were all trained by 12-14 months!?

When I first heard that, I laughed.  But, she's convinced me that it's entirely possible as long as you have the time, patience and energy to keep up with it.  (Things most Moms don't have much of to spare!)

So, at almost 10 months, I started potty training the baby.  I put training seats on every toilet and every 30 minutes to an hour we sit her on it and wait about 5 minutes for her to tinkle.  Then, we look at the time and wait another 45 minutes or so and do it again. (Of course at night and during naps, she's back in a diaper)

YES, there have been accidents.  YES, it seems crazy at first putting a baby on a toilet.  YES, you will question why you're even bothering.  But, YES, it will be worth it if it works!  Especially if your baby is like mine and you have to wrestle her WWE style just to change her.

If nothing else, I figure she will at least be able to start making the association sooner.  Every time she tinkles in the potty, I basically have a dance party with her so I'm having fun at least and I know she is too.  She thinks it's great and screams with joy when I clap and dance because she tinkled. 

This all came about because Norah absolutely HATES diapers and gets terrible rashes.  We've tried every wipe, every cream, every home remedy out there.  We're at the point now where we can only use water and paper towels to clean her because she's so sensitive.

So, I have nothing to lose!  Wish me luck...I'll need it.  I'll let you know how it goes.  We're on day 3 now and she's already having fewer accidents than not and she's even gone #2 in the potty!