Admit it.  We all want to be well-liked.  Some people just "have it", and others have to work at it.  If you're the latter, Yahoo put together a list of 7 things well-liked people do to help ya out. 

1. Don't judge- Instead of trying to hide it they make the conscious choice to not judge others.

2. Get personal- Well-liked people have mastered the delicate dance of getting personal without getting too personal, especially in a work environment. They break down walls by getting real--telling you about their issues and problems but without dwelling on them.

3. Ask people about themselves- Rather than spending an entire conversation talking about themselves, well-liked people instead put the focus on the people they're with.

4. Listen- There's no point in asking questions if you aren’t going to listen. Active listening--where you respond to what people are saying with timely verbal and nonverbal prompts, conversation reinforcements, and questions--is a skill that well-liked people have mastered.

5. Remember- Likeable people remember things about those they work with, and they make sure they let those people know that they remember. Listening and remembering shows that you value your conversations and time spent with other people, which in turn leads them to value their time spent with you.

6. Don't take yourself too seriously- At appropriate times, likeable people joke, laugh, and are just plain fun to be around. Who doesn't want to be around someone who can share a good laugh? They have unorthodox business meetings, and they like to surprise the people they work with.

7. Be hospitable- Likeable people know the meaning of hospitality, and they aren't afraid to invite you into their office or even their home for a meal, a meeting, or a cup of coffee. Opening up your office to someone is an act that never goes unnoticed, and opening up your home to someone is like opening your heart to that person.


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