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So my girlfriends and I have been talking for months about planning a Summer weekend getaway... the only problem is we don't know where to go! put together a list of the top "Girl-Cation Destinations" to check out with your gal pals. They used a very important set of criteria:

  • Booze: Drinking potential.
  • Men: Preferably lots, and preferably beautiful.
  • Shopping: We want to buy cool stuff (ex. Co-worker asks: “Where did you get that boho chic bag?” Reply: “Oh, just from this one-of-a-kind vendor in Aruba with my best girls”).
  • Relaxation: Sun, beach, spa, all of the things. Yes, please.
  • Photo Opp Potential: Because it doesn’t really matter unless it’s all over social media, making people jealous.


Where is the best place you've vacationed with your girls??