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So....as a recent college grad, I've tried to start becoming more responsible in a lot of ways, mostly financially.  I've never been great at saving money and never had much of an "emergency fund" up until a few months ago.  But recently I've been reading more financial articles, and even took Financial Peace University by Dave Ramsey (and managed to get Rae and Laura in on it too!) Here's a few things that have really stuck with me....

- "A Millionaire is made ten bucks at a time." AKA the $10 I blow on fast food or on clothes can really add up. 

- "Budget, Budget, Budget."  This is literally the most important thing I learned in Dave Ramsey's class. I had never done a budget before in my life and was pretty terrified to see where I was blowing my money.  I realized I was paying WAY too much eating out, and by simply cutting back a few times a week I could save a LOT (and save a lot of calories too!!)

- "Ask yourself, 'Can I Afford It'?" When I started evaluating how much I was spending on my cable alone, I realized I simply couldn't afford the package I was on.  By cutting out HBO, Showtime, Etc. my cable bill was cut by over half.  It was insane how much I was paying for something I barely even used.

- "Start saving EARLY!"  When Dave Ramsey started rambling about compounding interest I nearly fell asleep.  Nothing sounded more boring until he put up a chart of what it can do for your future (See it HERE). He uses an example of a teen who started investing eight years earlier than his friend, and even after stopping his investments his money grew into over $2million by time he retired!

I'm still definitely no financial expert, and am still early into starting to support myself, but I'm really grateful I found these resources before I got myself into a real mess.  Hopefully it will help someone else as well!!