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Photos from Cupid's Undie Run


I am Reece aka "D The Web Guy". I was born in Detroit, Michigan and I moved to the amazing state of Florida about 3 years ago. I love getting outside to the beach, kayaking, surfing and a few of the local watering holes.

I try to post only uplifting articles, because there is way too much garbage out there. I don't care about Kardashian news or Rap star beef. I like to keep it simple and spark emotion with each story I post. Feel free to reach out to me with any stories at

Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite part of a woman: Big Beautiful Eyes
Favorite Restaurant: Yellow Dog Eats owns my stomach
Place I want to visit one day: Paris
Favorite Food: Chinese and Mexican food
Favorite Car: Audi R6
Favorite Quote: “The Greats Weren't Great Because At Birth They Could
Paint, The Greats Were Great Because They Paint A lot" - Macklemore
Favorite Clothing: T-Shirt, Jeans and Tennis Shoes
Favorite Author: Tim Ferris


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