The premature Spelling Bee victor is taking over the internet, but let's not let this gem pass under the radar.

One of the Judges at the Scipps National Spelling Bee randomly quoted Kelis' song "Milkshake" instead of using the actual word given in a sentence.

The Judge was Dr. Jacques Bailly & he actually won the title back in 1980.

 He was supposed to be using "feijoada" (a Brazilian stew) in a sentence, but decided to say, "While Tabitha discovered that her milkshake brought all the boys to the yard ..."

This is one way to keep the spelling Bee fun .... The kid clearly didn't know what was happening.

Oh and if you haven't seen the kid's premature celebration to a Spelling Bee victory & then lose watch it HERE

The Judge quoted Kelis' "Milkshake"