(Photo Credit:Getty Images)

I've heard that barista's LEAST favorite drink to make is a Frappaccino. But I bet this one takes the cake. It's the most expensive Starbucks drink ever... it's a 128 oz. milkshake with 60 Shots of espresso for a grand total of $54.75.

What would posses someone to buy such an extremely large, ridiculous drink? And then ACTUALLY drink the entire thing. It took him 5 days to finish, but he drank it all.

BEST PART: He got the gigantic drink for FREE!!!! He's a“Gold” member of Starbucks’ loyalty program, which means he gets one free drink for every dozen he buys. However, Starbucks didn’t say how large or expensive the drink can be- so Andrew took advantage of it and got it FREEEEEEEE. Dang!