Photo: Getty Images

By Sierra Marquina

In case you missed it, Beyoncé released her 5th studio album last week—in complete secrecy!

The songstress released the self-titled album unbeknownst to fans on iTunes, offering the world 14 new tracks along with 17 videos, marking the album her first visual album as well.

And did we mention she did this all under wraps? Yup, we’re impressed.

Now, rumor has it, Queen Bey is also keeping another secret.

A family insider revealed she and husband Jay Z are thinking about giving their daughter Blue Ivy a sibling once her tour wraps.

The pal of the couple revealed: “I absolutely think you’ll see Beyoncé having another baby in the next year or two. They love being parents and I think they’re both ready. When Jay talks about Blue Ivy, his whole face lights up. He loves being a father so much.”

Download Beyoncé’s new album here.