I participated in Runway To Hope not too long ago and I met some AMAZING people! One girl I met was Emma and she was the one who brought this to my attention..

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month and Emma's mom and a bunch of other moms got together and put together Whipping Childhood Cancer.

Their aim is to raise awareness around the 46 children diagnosed and 7 lost every day to pediatric cancer in the U.S. You have 46 hours to complete the following challenge. You must record a video of yourself taking a pie to the face (can be a paper plate with either whipped cream or shaving cream). Once completing the challenge you must choose a pediatric cancer charity to donate $7 to and tag/challenge 7 friends (46 if you're feeling really bold!) to make their own pie in the face video. If you're unable to complete the challenge within 46 hours, you must donate $46 and tag/challenge 7 friends.

You can check out the Whipping Childhood Cancer HERE!

Check out my video HERE!

Be sure to explain the 46/7 statistic in your video. 46 kids diagnosed every day, and 7 die from pediatric cancer.