It has been brought up several times that if Johnny or Brian had the hook up for me to meet Beyonce, they wouldnt let me meet her because they think I would go crazy! So messed up right! It's true that I'm a huge Beyonce stan and to be in her presence would be a dream! But, I know I would be able to keep my cool around the queen! Apparently, a guy in Brazil could not. This past weekend, Beyonce was in Brazil performing for one of her tour dates; During one of her songs, she got close to the edge of the stage & a fan pulled her off, in what looked like a failed attempt for a quick hug. Security reacted quickly, but it was Beyonce that saved him from being escorted out of there. The queen is so gracious. I would never do something like that! I'd turn around for a quick selfie of her so close to post on my instagram! And they say I'm crazy!

Check out the video: