Alive 2017 (???)

Daft Punk has been putting out some bangers recently with The Weeknd and although it’s a much different sound from Random Access Memories and that was much different from Discovery, their new songs are still bops (Both ‘I Feel It Coming’ and ‘Starboy’ are high on the charts!).

This has been building up a lot of speculation and anticipation for Alive 2017 and I'm here to give you hardcore evidence that A TOUR IS maybe HAPPENING PEOPLE!

*Puts on amateur detective hat* 

A while back I was on Snapchat and saw this filter:

Not only do I love that it covers my face, especially because I decided to go naked on the make-up that day, but smiley-face Guy helmet is too cute. The filter is no longer up, but let's take it as a subtle hint?

It doesn’t stop there though!

While searching for more juicy evidence because I only had that one lead and really had my heart set on it, it looks like after Beyoncé cancelled her headline slot at Coachella Daft Punk became favorites to replace her! 

Their last tour was Alive 2007 and Coachella was the opening date so I’m hoping the rumors are true!

For now let’s enjoy a clip from Alive 2007 while we cry ourselves to sleep until a tour is confirmed!

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